Chinua Achebe: Some reflections

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The world lost one of its literary giants today. Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe has died at the age 82.

For Nigerians, Achebe was a national treasure. He was the first African writer to attract international acclaim, and an outspoken leader with far-reaching influence on both politics and culture. Emeka Okafor, who produced the TEDGlobal conference in Tanzania 5 years ago and is Achebe’s relative, says, “He was in many ways the conscience of Nigeria. Unflinching in his critiques, a monumental figure.”

For me, Achebe’s novel Things Fall Apart (1958) was my first real glimpse at Africa beyond the negative headlines (famine, disease, war) and the nature documentaries. His story was a stark portrayal of the devastating impact of colonization on traditional African societies, told through the lens of a single individual. It changed the way I think, helping me see the much bigger picture behind the headlines from Africa (and elsewhere), and understand…

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2 thoughts on “Chinua Achebe: Some reflections

  1. Hi Trush, i am Researcher of English literature, I chose Achebe and his Novels as my research topic, i am glad to stop by your blog for knowing about your interest in Achebe. I have some queries, hope they would get answer from you if not please direct me to the blogs or sites from where i can get them answered?

    1. What is Neo-anthropological novels? Is Achebe’s N-A?
    2. What is situational Novel?

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